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A story of vision


Meet davinia

As a junior in college, Davinia found that her relaxer had broken her hair off to about an inch. At that point she swore to never wear another relaxer again and began her journey of transitioning back to natural hair.  Shortly after, in her dorm room, God blessed her with a vision about the Anoynted Vessel name and the idea behind her logo.


While surviving on a college budget, Davinia found that buying organic products for her hair and skin was too expensive.  This motivated her to start making products to save money on hair care. When people started to inquire about her hair care regimen she went from making products for herself to making them for family and friends. Word of mouth eventually spread and she expanded to having regular customers. 


When she graduated and began working her first job out of college, she'd often have to work evenings and weekends. Working with both married and single mothers, she noticed they would often complain about never having time for their families because of work.  It was then that she got the motivation to officially start Anoynted Vessel. In that moment she wanted to provide an opportunity for others to earn flexible income in order to have a better family and work-life balance.


In 2009, Anoynted Vessel was born. Davinia has been in business for 10 years and is still "going strong".

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